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The plan was simple. Little marketing, no ad placements, just mouth-watering barbecue served better than anyone else around.

Assuming that good food speaks for itself, we invested in it.

Brisket Plate


We have been a husband and wife culinary team for years, and with five grown children, we remain a family operation.

At the start, briskets and rib bones piled up as we worked in our new kitchen. The hunt for perfection led us to something we now call the No. 16 Cornmuffin. Where, after a long and difficult comparison, the 16th, and ultimately most delicious cornbread biscuit recipe, was added to our menu. In a funny way, our sweet, little cornbread biscuit symbolizes what we're all about.



Like most good things in life, proper barbecue takes its sweet time. It necessitates doing simple things well with a consistent perfection. For any restaurant this is no small feat, but it's the cornerstone of our menu.

Flavorful bark around the outside of a brisket, the smoke ring, the texture, and the perfect balance of delicate hickory smoke with sweet and savory spices are details that elevate a simple smoked brisket to a work of art.

Too many places think all you need is smoke to make barbecue. If it was that easy people wouldn’t comb the country looking for their best-ever rack of ribs, and our chef wouldn’t have a cooking laboratory called the “zen den.” How's that for the art of barbecue?

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